Q. Who is eligible to come to the conference?

A. Members of the International Church of Christ and their guests may attend the conference. Attendees should be involved in campus ministries, be campus ministry or church leaders, or be teens going into campus next year.

Q. What is the deadline to register?

A. The Deadline to register is MARCH 8th, 2019.

Q. What is included in my registration and housing fees?

A. Registration fees cover costs for the conference, some giveaway items, and small snacks. Housing fees reserve 1 bed for you in a hostel in Tallinn for 3 nights. (Friday Night through Monday morning). *Anyone wishing to stay in Tallinn longer must make their own arrangements.

Q. Can I pack my hotel room to lower the cost?

A. Sadly No… We are all staying in hostels. In a hostel you rent per bed, not per room. So each person must register for housing if they would like to stay in the hostel. No one will be allowed to stay in a hostel if they haven’t registered and paid. If you’d like to try to find a hotel room, feel free.

Q. Is there free WiFi?

A. Tallinn is a very tech-savvy city. You should be able to find free WiFi everywhere. There will be free WiFi in our main conference hall, and the hostels.

Q. Is there a conference app?

A. No, but our website is mobile friendly, including the schedule. We will also probably create a WhatsApp group for everyone to join later as well.

Q. Can I get my registration refunded if I realize I can’t go after I already paid?

A. Refunds will only be allowed in emergency situations. If something comes up, you could try to give your registration to another person in your ministry.

Q. I’m having problems with PayPal.

A. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can also check out as a guest with a credit card. If you are still having trouble paying, please contact us.

Q. If I need an Invitation Letter for Visa

A. Contact Us

Q. What are the hostels like?

A. Munkenhof Hostel, Fat Maragaret’s Hostel, Welcome Hostel

Q. Where should we eat?

A. There are a number of malls (Solaris, Viru Keskus) and Cafes around Rävala 8 where you can find food.
A great way to find a restaurant in Tallinn is to go to Google and type in “Restaurant Tallinn” or “Restaurants near me” Google has a rating system and tells you the price range of the restaurant.

Additional Questions:

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